Terms and Conditions & Weight-Loss Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions 

  1. You must give 24 hours notice if you want to change or cancel a session. If you do not give notice you will be charged for the session.
  2. Outdoor sessions are carried out regardless of weather (including snow) unless the trainer deems it to be unsafe. Please check the forecast 24 hours before if you are unsure.
  3. If you are regularly more than 15 minutes late and do not let me know you are running late:
    1. You may not get priority for peak time slots (evenings and weekends)
    2. You may not be permitted to purchase any more sessions
  4. All block purchased sessions are non-refundable under any circumstances unless redeemed as a personal training, massage or sports therapy sessions.
  5. If Ben needs to cancel a session within 24 hours of the session taking place, you will not be charged for this session and you will receive a ½ session credit to your account. This does not apply to rearranged or mutually canceled sessions.
  6. The location of the PT session may change, usually with 24 hours notice.
  7. All sessions purchased in any given block must be used within 6 months of the purchase date otherwise they will become null and void and will not be refunded.

Weight-loss Disclaimer 

This website does not make any medical claims to cure diseases and has not been evaluated by the FDA or GMC. All testimonials are accurate and fair, however, they do not guarantee the results you may experience from doing the same or similar training or activities.

If you have any questions call Ben on 01904 501533.

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