Pilates in York for Relaxation

York Pilates for relaxation

york pilatesStressed… feel like work and life is a bit too much sometimes?

Relaxation can help! Modern life can be very stressful, with little time for exercise – and then when we do exercise, we make life even harder for ourselves by over training and putting our bodies at risk of injury, leaving us even more chronically fatigued and less able to deal with the stresses and stains of work and life in general.

York Pilates is a gentle way of reintroducing movement and exercise for health and good posture into your life, ¬†it is slow, relaxing and low impact. If you’d like relaxation help York Pilates can:

  • Manage your stress levels
  • Learn how your body and posture can help you to relax
  • Unwind and feel better
  • Reduce worry and insomnia
  • Begin to look after your health and fitness

York Pilates could be ideal for you, my beginners class is suitable for anyone of any level of fitness (or unfitness!) and you’ll be encouraged to go at your own pace and only do what you’re completely comfortable with.

As a Personal trainer, Hypnotherapist , Pilates teacher and someone who is a qualified ‘stress management & relaxation’ expert, I can help you to relax and begin to recharge your own mental and physical batteries.

If you’d like to learn more about York Pilates, relaxation or to book a class or sessions call¬†Benjamin Cook, York Pilates for relaxation, on 01904 501533

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