Pilates in York for Relaxation

Pilates for relaxation

Stressed… feel like work and life is a bit too much sometimes?

Relaxation can help! Pilates is a gentle way of reintroducing movement and exercise for health and good posture into your life.

Pilates makes an excellent counter-balance to the stresses and strains of modern life, assisting you in improving your posture and movement health, as well as your ability to train effectively.

Pilates is a slow, relaxing and low impact experience. If you’d like relaxation help York Pilates can:

  • Manage your stress levels
  • Learn how your body and posture can help you to relax
  • Unwind and feel more relaxed
  • Reduce worry, anxiety, and insomnia

If you’d like to learn more about York Pilates, relaxation or to book a class or sessions

Call Ben on 01904 501533 for more information on Pilates in York. 

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