Pilates for back pain

Pilates Classes for Back Pain

pilates classes yorkBack pain can come in many forms including lower back pain, middle back pain, upper back pain sciatica and slipped discs. These can be a problem for many people with a diverse range of causes through habits, lifestyle, physiology and trauma. If you’re suffering from back pain Pilates classes York could assist you in managing and reducing that pain.

Pilates can help you to:

  • Strengthen your core muscles
  • Promote good posture and alignment
  • Build overall strength
  • Improve your function and movement

As a qualified Master Personal Trainer, Sports therapist and Pilates teacher Ben is well qualified to assist you with managing back pain in his Pilates Classes in York. He can also advise you on weight loss, fitness and toning. Pilates is an ideal way to reduce back pain and reduce the risk of back injuries when running or doing other sports.

Are you suffering from Sciatica? Pilates can also be helpful for sciatica treatment.

Call Ben on 01904 501533 for more information on Pilates in York & Back-pain help. 

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