Pilates Classes York near Crockey Hill

Pilates Classes in York near Crockey Hill

Would you like to tone up and improve your posture?

Getting fit when we’re busy and worn out is a huge challenge and many people struggle to overcome the demands of their business and personal lives, ending up overweight and unsatisfied. Pilates is an effective and gentle way to get started on an exercise programme.

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The Background of Pilates

Pilates Classes York

Pilates Classes York

A lot of people want to try Pilates but regularly ask me ‘What is Pilates? ‘ It’s founder – Joseph Pilates – was originally born in Germany in 1880, he was the son of a gymnast and naturopath. Joseph soon became very interested in fitness from a very early age, studying many forms of fitness as a young man including Body-Building, Zen, Yoga and Gymnastics and in addition he also posed for anatomical charts when he was a teenager.

Joseph Pilates then moved to England in 1912 working as a Boxer and for Scotland Yard in the form of a self-defence trainer. Still living in England when the First World War erupted, Pilates was sent to a Prisoner of War Camp on the Isle of Man due to being German. This is where his unique methods were born. Joeseph Pilates had time on his hands to develop his revolutionary methodologies during his internment, he spent his days developing a system of physical exercises and training his fellow inmates in the method which he named “Contrology”.

It is sometimes claimed so many who became injured or ill survived in the camp with Joseph Pilates because of their good physical shape, thanks to Joseph Pilates and following his Method. After the war, Joseph Pilates moved back to Germany and collaborated with experts in Dance and Physical Exercise but he didn’t stay in Germany long as he refused to train members of the German Army, instead he emigrated to the USA. On the outbound journey, he met Clara, who would be his future wife and help assist him in developing his method further. On their arrival in New York, Joe and Clara set up a studio to teach his methods that today are known as Pilates.

Is a Pilates Classes York the answer you’re looking for?

Pilates is the exercise for the 21st century that can help us relax, tone and get on top of our fitness without risk of injuries. Created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates as a method of rehabilitating injured soldiers and dancers, it has become the central method of training for millions of individuals (particularly professional dancers) and thousands of celebrities all around the world. It will help you develop a foundation of well-being and physical fitness that amplifies all of the fitness activity you do give you a toned core, and decreasing the risk of injuries.

“Pilates classes York will help you be lean and slender”

If you’re looking for group Pilates classes York can offer many various choices and it could be confusing to know where to begin. It’s often difficult to say exactly what ‘kind’ of class you’ll be attending if there isn’t a description on the leaflet or flyer advertising it. If you have never Pilates classes York before, check that it’s a beginner Pilates class as the exact level of the classes can vary substantially.

Can Anyone do Pilates Classes York?

Yes – Pilates can be tailored to your own fitness level, no matter how out of shape you might feel Pilates can help you and is suitable for anybody of any fitness level. Pilates is especially useful if you suffer from lower back pain or suffer from back or joint issues. Because Pilates classes york is relaxing, and invigorating, many people with medical problems find it a great way to ease themselves towards a balanced and helpful exercise programme. Pilates is great for anyone who’s looking to create the perfect exercise and lifestyle programme.

Pilates Classes York is predicated on 6 crucial principles:

  • Centering – Bringing focus towards the centre of the body, centring our thought processes, feeling and emotions to cultivate awareness of the way in which our body is moving.
  • Concentration – Concentrating on the quality of each individual movement, staying in the present and being aware of the overall movements our body is generating.
  • Control – Each movement is completed with complete muscle control, controlling every part of the body with centring as well as concentration.
  • Precision – Growing the precision of our own movements helps by using centring, concentration and control – assisting in the fine control of core muscles, and ability to resist injuries when doing other sports and pursuits.
  • Breathing – Joseph Pilates highlighted using constant breathing patterns in the exercises. Using the lungs to breath ‘laterally’ enabling the pelvic and core muscles to engage properly when we move. Breathing is integral to Pilates.
  • Flow – Flowing smooth movements, with precision and grace, are the essence of Pilates, building up control and precision not only in individual movements but throughout the exercise session.


Pilates Classes York for lower back pain benefits:

  • Relax tight muscles
  • reduces sciatica-like pain
  • manages and resolves low back pain
  • reduces neck and shoulder ache
  • Because this is a beginner Pilates course, it can also be considered ‘back pilates’ and is suitable if you suffer from a bad back.

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Pilates Classes in York – Call Ben today on 01904 501533 for more information. 

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