Pilates Classes York near Skelton

Pilates Classes in York near Skelton

Ben now focuses on  1-1 Pilates lessons in his Studio near Heworth

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What are the advantages of Pilates?

Pilates is a style of unique and specific exercises created by world famous fitness guru Joseph Pilates, with numerous health & fitness advantages. Pilates Classes York is:

  • Moderate and low impact
  • Targets deep inner core muscle tissue
  • Uses strength as well as resistance
  • Emphasises core strength and stability
  • Smooth and controlled
  • Suitable for any fitness (or unfitness!) level

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Can Anyone do Pilates?

Absolutely yes – Pilates can be customized to your fitness standard, no matter how out of shape you might feel Pilates can help you and it is suitable for anyone of any fitness standard. Pilates is particularly useful if you suffer from lower back pain or suffer from back or joint problems.

Because Pilates classes york is calming, and energizing, many individuals with medical conditions find it a terrific way to ease themselves towards a balanced and beneficial exercise routine. Pilates is suitable for anyone who’s looking to create the ideal exercise and lifestyle programme.

“Pilates is suitable for Men and Women”

Pilates Classes York is predicated around 6 key principles:

  • Centering – Bringing focus to the center of the body, centering our thought processes, feeling and emotions to cultivate awareness of the way our body is moving.
  • Concentration – Concentrating on the quality of every individual movement, remaining in the present and being conscious of the overall movements your body is generating.
  • Control – Each exercise is completed with complete muscle control, controlling all of the body with centering as well as concentration.
  • Precision – Growing the precision of the movements helps by using centering, concentration and control – helping with the fine control of core muscles, and resistance to injuries when doing other sports and activities.
  • Breathing – Joseph Pilates emphasized using consistent breathing patterns in the exercises. Utilizing the lungs to breath ‘laterally’ enabling the pelvic and core muscles to engage properly when we move. Breathing is integral to Pilates.
  • Flow – Flowing smooth movements, with precision and grace are the essence of Pilates, building up control and accuracy not only in single movements but through the exercise session.

Pilates Classes York for back pain

Many people ask me about ‘pilates exercises for lower back pain’.  Pilates is fantastic for reducing and getting rid of lower back discomfort, giving you a gentle and injury free way of training and increasing your core conditioning. Pilates is ideal if you suffer from lower back pain, back pain or sciatica like signs and symptoms.

Pilates Classes York for lower back pain benefits:

  • Relax tight muscles
  • reduces sciatica like discomfort
  • manages and resolves low back pain
  • reduces neck and shoulder ache
  • Because this is a beginner Pilates course, it can also be considered ‘back pilates’ and is suitable if you suffer from a bad back.

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