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As a personal trainer, Pilates teacher and weight-loss coach based in York Ben can assist you with:

  • Weight-loss*
  • Pilates Classes
  • Motivation help
  • Personal training 

Ben’s help is confidential, friendly and non-judgemental. No one is beyond help and Ben is both encouraging and supportive. 

Call Ben today on 01904 501533 for a free consultation.

Other areas Ben can assist you with include: 

  • Pilates Classes (at your home or in his studio) 
  • Personal Training (at your home or in his studio)
  • Back pain help
  • Sports specific help & advice
  • Injury help and advice
  • Food and nutrition advice
  • Posture correction

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Ben has a private Pilates & Personal training studio – click here for details.

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Pilates is based on fundamental principles:

  • Centring – Bringing focus to the centre of your body, centring our thoughts, feeling and emotions. This cultivates awareness of the way in which our body is moving.
  • Concentration – Focusing on the quality of every individual movement, remaining in the present moment. Also, being aware of the overall movements our body is generating.
  • Control – Each exercise is carried out with complete muscle control, controlling every part of the body with centring as well as concentration.
  • Precision – Growing the precision of our own movements helps by utilising centring, concentration and control. This helps with the fine control over core muscles, and resistance to injuries when performing other sports and activities.
  • Breathing – Joseph Pilates highlighted using consistent breathing patterns in his exercises. Using the lungs to breath ‘laterally’ enabling the pelvic and core muscle groups to engage correctly when we move. Breathing is integral to Pilates.
  • Flow – Flowing smooth actions, with precision and grace are the essence of Pilates, building up control and precision not only in individual movements but throughout the exercise session.

Call Ben today on 01904 501533 for a friendly chat and more information on Pilates classes and personal training in York.

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